Wednesday, May 17, 2017

World War because of Illuminati ?

             Everyday when i sleeping. My mind is thinking about Illuminati. Its really that family is there?. If we go back and see the world happening we will get back some good points about Illuminati. Many research say really Illuminati's are working in entire world. Its started in Israel and Controlled by United States. The main Job of these people was they want every one to be addicted to something not only like gambling, cubing, drinking, smoking. Evening like some people addicted to music, children's watching cartoon,  even fans follower for particular persons. Their final gaol is to capture entire world and they want to control everything. Research say this family divided into 13 groups and each group playing they game in 13 different fields like ie. We should aware about this and demolish this team and have to save our world.
1. The Astor
2. The Bundy
3. The Collins
4. The DuPont
5. The Freeman
6. The Kennedy
7. The Li
8. The Onassis
9. The Rockefeller
10. The Rothschild
11. The Russell
12. The Van Duyn
13. The Merovingian.
Next post we see about how these 13 team work around the world.

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